Bestioles Greeting Cards

Looking for a fun card for friends or family?  How about a card from Holly Chapman Bestioles!

Blank inside, they come with a white envelope.
The card is on a lovely glossy stock and the size is 18 x 11.5cm

Priced at $5 each plus $2.70 postage in New Zealand

Click here  to send me a message if you would like to order my cards!

Awesome cards! Beautiful and awesome quality :-) I highly recommend it!’ - Marcele


NZ Kereu Hooty NZ Shag Tui
Donny Margaret Lovely Llama Therapy Goat
Pug Wendall Gruff Euan
Tawitt & Tawoo Birds & Bees Fancy Fish Miss Chicken
The Queen Regal Kitty Wee Amigo