A little bit about me!

I am an artist located on the gorgeous Kapiti Coast.

I love animals, colour and humour, so I like to ‘moosh’ all of these things together and enjoy creating my special brand of critters.

I went to Whitireia Polytechnic in the 90s and got my Fine Art Diploma, but as life takes over, I did not seriously begin to paint until 2019 - and I now want to really work hard on my passion, and now believe I am actually pretty good (something I never thought in my younger years) - so this is my time to give my art a really good push!

Ultimately, I would love to paint more (the big dream is to be able to give up a day or two of work so I can paint), but until then, I will keep working hard at getting these critters out of my head, and onto canvas.

I currently have work at Big Mac Creative Centre in Mazengarb Road on the Kapiti Coast, an amazing spot with gorgeous art work from talented people!

A little side note of why I have named my page Holly Chapman Bestioles - I entered an art competition at the end of 2018 (I won Best Acrylic!!) - with a painting I named ‘Bestioles’ (its French for Critters). I loved the name so much I decided I will use it for my art page name.

Enjoy having a look around, and please feel free to drop me an email with any enquiries.